3 Tricks & Tools you must know about desiging

3 Tricks & Tools you must know about desiging 2 minutes read

Things happen at breakneck speed in the digital space, and as content creators, we're always looking for tools to help us get out there fast. But being fast is often not enough. That's where these top-notch digital tools come in. Learn about those nifty tech tidbits or cute ideas that will help you spread the word about your side business.


1. Refined Symbols Project by Name

Why not reinforce your brand (be it professional or personal) with smart icons? This resource allows you to find and download professional icons without going anywhere near Illustrator. Use them to tag your topics in story highlights or to add thumbnail icons to each of your LinksRoot links.


Even if you're just starting out, a consistent brand that follows a few simple rules of color, style, and font design will mean your audience will take you seriously. We were quite impressed with the number of tree icons that Flaticon offers. Take a look here.

2. Beautiful Unsplash Images


We might all think we're masters of photography, but if you've tried uploading this iPhone image as your website header, you'll know that your work still cuts the mustard.

Fortunately for those of us without DLSR and a killer eye, there are sites like Unsplash, a library of images from renowned photographers. What is even more amazing is that you can download the amazing images you like for free.

We haven't been there yet, but fortunately, Unsplash's Patrick Hendry has.


High-resolution snapshots are great for website images, blog posts, quote backgrounds, even print them out and hang them on your walls! You don't need to credit the original photographer, but we encourage you to - it's small acknowledgments that communities like this are still available. 🙂 Find your perfect snapshot here.

3. Apple-worthy models

Creating content about things that exist in the digital space can be difficult. How do you let your audience know about your new website without taking screenshots or screenshots?

Enter free mockups that do exactly what they say. Your files allow you to translate your work in progress into real situations. View your work virtually anywhere, from smart TV screens to a coffee maker, mobile labels, or a finished book.

With mockupsforfree.com you can see your work in progress in its final place. It's an easy way to add finesse to your work before you start your business. They are all free to boot! Get your mockups here.

Last updated on: 22 January, 2022