Linksroot: Show the world your effort everywhere!

Linksroot: Show the world your effort everywhere! 6 minutes read

A linksroot is a way to show the world your effort everywhere. It allows users to see all the links they have followed and the links that others have posted.

When a user wants to share a link, they click on it. But what happens when the user doesn't want to share the link anymore?

We need a system that can automatically detect this situation and ensure the user shares the link again. This can be done by analyzing how many times a user clicked on a specific link and then using this information to generate new links for them.

This very simple application will help you create an Instagram bio link for all your links.

This application will help you to create a linksroot for all your social media profiles. It will show the world your effort everywhere. You can set up multiple profiles and make different links for everyone in the same root. You can also share the links with friends and colleagues on different social networks and sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Linksroot is a simple yet effective way of showing your efforts. You can show the world how much you have done in a given period by linking to your social media accounts, posts, or any other content you have created.

You'll be able to promote your social media posts or link them to your eCommerce store. Linksroot is a simple yet effective way of showing your efforts. By linking to your social media accounts, posts, or any other content you have created, you can show the world how much you have done in a particular project.

Let me share with you what you can do with Linksroot.

Affiliate marketing means recommending a product service by sharing it on social media, vlogs, etc., and making money. You can poshly do that and be an epic affiliate marketer by attaching your links on them on linksroot and capturing clients. Achieve growth and only take advantage of this special attribute on Linksroot.

If you are a Ngo, we can help in several ways to enlarge your organization. Start helping now.

NGOs can use teaching as a tool by inculcating knowledge in the form of blogs and vlogs and associating them in the form of links on Linksroot. Podcasts and videos can separately be shown on Linksroot too.

Start a crowdfunding drive by linking your UPI, credit card and a debit card; people can support you by paying you.

Linksroot and Social media are great tools for enhancing NGOs. You can extend to many more people using them.

Associate the link to your product catalogue on Linksroot and drive the traffic of your viewers and your clients will like and indulge with the products simultaneously through us.

No space in the Resume? Want to add your work Internship/experience/Portfolio/Projects? We can easily upload all your work on Linksroot in seconds.

Creators want to engage with more people and get collaborations. We are here for you!

You guys are the best kind of entrepreneurs who want to know why because you have a creative mindset and want to showcase your world talent and meet more people like you. You can stretch your digital cosmos with a single click at the touch of your fingers through Linksroot.

With Linksroot free link in bio tool, you can diversify and accordingly standardize your niche in the form of theme background colour and templates and attract more like you. You can open a collaboration drive on Linksroot a free landing page builder where they can contact you and collaborate simultaneously. They can also follow you with our great follow button.

The Linksroot app is the new trendsetter these days. You can always be at par using the new technology and with Linksroot.

Here are some tips and tricks to promote your podcast if you are a podcaster.

You can send an email to your guests when you are finally going to present your podcast episode by having beautiful quotes pre written-tweets images on the main image, which you will present as the showpiece to your audience with a sweet treasury note.

It can be storytelling, educational, or interview. Remember to be authentic the podcast should come from your heart and be original so that the audience associates with you and merges into your word of mouth fully and completely.

Register and submit your podcasts to various podcasts directories.

Below are some platforms

Podcast Index
Listen Notes
Google Podcasts

The audience eagerly waits for the next schedule when you present your podcast. So you should adhere to their expectations and be professional if you want to earn money and make a career.

Many audiences look and listen as an alternative to get their problems solved in a podcast. See what can help your audience and visitors and solve it with your unique content.

You can catch up with a famous podcaster in your town to increase your fan base. Really!! You can send them an email to be a part of your show, and you should do that when you have launched around at least 27 episodes. They might collaborate with you after that.

Audiences listen to you and get attracted when there are giveaway contests. You can have conditions like engaging with your content and making some comments; the best comment will win this, and that hamper. It excites an audience.

Have a Link in the bio tool

Reach the audience that you want and more like you through Linksroot. Promote websites, links and live shows of Podcasts on Linksroot and earn money.

What else can you get with Linksroot

1. Limitless URl
2. Cross-linking with other social media platforms
3. A mobile responsive website
4. You can change all the pages by adding your avatars and other customizable options without changing the Url.
5. Create your customized playlist on Linksroot for sharing with people and showing it off to them by adding images of your favourite musicians.
6. Create your web series or a series of videos and embed the videos on Linksroot by just adding the link. Where you can reach a larger audience, and they can watch it directly there on Linksroot.
7. Get notifications regarding sensitive content warnings on linksroot.
8. Link scheduling and limiter- One can decide when to go live and when to expire and schedule it through timely links based on the number of clicks or data range.

We got you the committed analytics in your way, and you can know who they are, what they like and what are their needs and wants and you can change it as a creator to attract your clients whenever you want. Analytics is very important in today's era. We can know what content is grabbing the attention of the viewer's eye and give them what they want and what we desire.


Step 1: Login with your credentials: email id and password
Step 2: On the top right corner, tap on statistics.
Step 3: Here comes the interesting part. Now you can see the countries, referrers, devices, operating systems, browsers and languages of your visitors and followers.

Statistics are the best tool to know what the visitors are admiring because without correct statistics your judgment is what only matters and that's never enough.

Increase your instincts as a creator with analytics. Without analytics, companies and creators become ignorant and do not deliver the best they can, which can be in regards to products or services and creativity because it is the new technology in today's era.

Last updated on: 16 December, 2022